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Q&A from our Affiliates

1               How IQ System works for you, your clients and generates income for your business?

2               Who should have IQ system?

3               How to GROW my Property Tax Appeal Business? 

4               Tell me the at least one reason to join the IQ System?

5               How IQ tools and excellent service works?

6               What types of Advantages are for IQ Affiliates?

7               What if I want to expand my appealing service online? Do I need a Landing Page (LP)?

8               Can I receive leads? NLG - What is in it for me?

9               What Makes a Good Optimized Landing Page?

10              Can I send MASSIVE and TARGETED mailing to pre-selected clients?

11              Can I purchase Leads with Phone numbers?

12              Can I promote my appealing business online and in Social Medias?

13              How can I get quick answers while I’m working with my clients?

1.     How Our System works for you, your clients and generates income for your business?

•Our System - Like no other system, will show you estimated savings on property in less than 15 seconds

•Our System – Will complete the purchase transaction (complete with merchant account if needed)

•Our System -  Will INSTANTLY prepares and let you print completed appeal forms as well as all additional forms and letters ready to be presented to the County Assessor or Board of Review

•Our System - Membership will give you full access to an entire library of other forms and documents necessary to prepare appeals for the Board of Review.

•Full analysis of comparable properties which includes all of the parameters necessary to lower Assessed Value of subject properties

•Letter to Assessor or  Board of Review including calculations and final conclusion and exact amount of requested reduced Assessed Value

•Printouts with pictures with all detailed info about selected comparable properties

•Our System - Monitors the entire process of appealing and corrects any and all errors and mistakes

•Our System – Will resubmit appeal to Board of Appeals if declined by township

•Our System - Database is updated with the same frequency as County Assessor

•Our System - Saves you money on monthly expensive (and very often not actual and/or current) information about properties

•Our System - Landing Page option allows your client see actual estimated savings and make an initial payment online. This eliminates unnecessary office time, staff time, and the need for client to travel to your office.  Client may engage more quickly. 

2.     Who should have Our system?

Ø         Attorneys

Ø         Property Tax Attorneys

Ø         Income Tax Preparers

Ø         Financial Planners

Ø         Real Estate Brokers

Ø         Certified Public Accountants

Ø         Insurance Agents

Ø         Mortgage Brokers

Ø         Appraisers

Ø         Debt Resolution Professionals

3.      How to GROW my Property Tax Appeal Business? 

Our system has integrated a referral network structure that, if you choose to, allows you to grow your business through affiliate referrals.  This may help you expand your business in cases where:

                        + You network with other professionals and would like to create a referral/affiliate relationship where you receive a % of their sales

                        + You would like to work with groups who may provide you referrals and would like to provide the group a referral % of  sales made as a result of their referral

As you can see – Your income does not need to come solely from your individual efforts.

Now you can earn additional income by referring Our system to another Professionals.

Generally speaking, Our System should be in every office that works with clients who own either Residential or Commercial Property

4.     Tell me the at least one reason to join this System?

Your account in Our System will also give you access to detailed information about every property that you are working on. Giving you the opportunity sell your full range of services to clients introduced through the Tax Appeal Service.

Our System also gives you an opportunity to check similar properties in the area, that you can use as a prospecting tool to grow your business.

How?              After you service a Tax Appeal client, you will have 3 addresses with info about these three     comparable properties.  You can then send our letter, informing them that you just helped their neighbors.

Gain?             Several prospective new clients for both your Tax Appeal services and your core offering of services.

 5.   How Our tools and excellent service works?

Our system software, service, tools and information in the data base are synchronized with county data bases. Data and calculations are always based on updated and current information and this results in unparalleled accuracy. Critical variables utilized in analyses include:

            Land Assessed Value              Building Assessed Value

            Tax Code                                    Neighborhood

            Property Classification           Description

            Exterior Construction             Residence Type

            Garage                                        Age

… and others as needed to ensure optimum results

Our System updates its database every time a county assessor does.

 6.   What type of Advantages are for Our Affiliates?

 YOUR CLIENTS will appreciate your help, offering an additional service to your practice.

  1. Now you can immediately estimate savings for your clients, enhance service, and increase revenue without additional staff or overhead
  2. Now you can clearly see, why your office or your practice cannot afford not to have access to Our system.
  3. As a professional, you enhance and strengthen client relationships through providing an additional valuable service, enhancing your client’s quality of life.

Our System prints commission checks twice per month, on 1st  and  15th  day of every month.

 7.   What if I Want to expand my appealing service online? Do I need a Landing Page (LP)?


LP is an absolutely fantastic tool to expend your arms county wide and is directly triggering another fantastic toll: NLG – Neighborhood Lead Generator.

While LP is a single page website set on unique domain name connected directly to your  account and allows your client to purchase property tax appeals remotely – NLG tool is triggered to work every time such transaction occurs J.

8.   NLG - What is in it for me?

A lot! Every time your LP sales an appeal – NLG is checking carefully neighborhood looking for a new lead properties that can be also appealed. Next our system will calculate the saving and merge this info with predesigned letter – usually in amount of several to 99 ready to go letters.

Letters informs neighbors about appeal done by your client-their neighbor and directs them to your LP. Every letter is also signed with your name, phone# and email address.

Now, all you need to do is print, insert, seal and mail the envelopes and … make sure, that your smartphone have charged in full batteries.

9.   What Makes a Good Optimized Landing Page?

Visual Clarity. Cluttered pages create distracted visitors, and distracted visitors don’t complete your intended goals. Keep your pages visually clean and appealing with as few distractions as possible. White space helps, and adjusting things as simple as line, paragraph spacing and image usage can contribute to the overall readability of the content.

Call-to-Action. Without a call to action, the landing page is useless. Each page has to have a goal and desired action (or set of actions) that you intend the visitor to take.  Without a strong call-to-action, the visitor may leave, never having received an appealing reason to take the next step.

Topically & Keyword-Focused Content Concentrating On Benefits. The content of your optimized landing page must maintain its focus on the topic and goals to be achieved. Long isn’t bad, but unneeded excess must be cut. Be sure to speak to the visitor outlining the benefits they receive when they take the desired action. While keyword usage usually isn’t a problem, keyword focus often can be. Keep your content focused on a small group of related phrases in order to build the topical page authority needed to rank.

10.      Can I send MASSIVE and TARGETED mailing to pre-selected clients?

 Our affiliated mail house company will prepare pre calculated / pre sorted letters in

any amount between 250 – 20,000

Mailing service covers:

-           Merging data with your letter
-           Printing – Paper - Toner
-           Folding
-           Inserting
-           Sealing
-           Posting

All this, for less than the cost of single post stamp.

11.       Can I purchase Leads with Phone numbers?

YES! We will provide you with a pre-calculated data base of clients qualified for appeals.

(Cost of DB depend on amount of records – Available in packages from 250 to 20,000 PIN#’s)

12.       Can I promote my appealing business online and in Social Medias?

 Our System offers 3 ways of conducting your tax appeal business:

1. Service at your office location

2. E-banner (can be placed on an unlimited number of websites)
3. Landing page – Fully integrated with the Our System.  Your client can go online and make a decision about purchasing an appeal at any time; and, even complete the transaction from the comfort of their home.

We can also help you to create Google, Bing, Social Media or any other on line campaign.
Price includes:
+ Purchase of domain and 12 months
   hosting of www.yourlandingpage.com 
+ Design and linking to your account
+ Optional creating banners and linking them your original web site
+ Integration with Neighborhood Lead Generator (NLG)

13.  How can I get quick answers while I’m working with my clients?

Any questions and ideas for promotions: