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www.IQTaxAppeals.com service was founded by Real Estate Investors and CPA who realized over the years that local property taxes and assessments are often unjust. Their experience showed that many communities are still working with outdated systems and are way behind in matching assessments with real values.

With our service, we provide a simple do-it-yourself approach for filing Property Tax Reduction petitions. With this system Attorneys as well as Tax Preparers, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Brokers,  CPA’s, Loan Ooriginators, Appraisers, Financial Planners or simply homewoner may become Property Tax Specialist. Paperwork is reduced and cost is low and predictable. We Protect Your Personal Data.

www.IQTaxAppeals.com has a strict policy against releasing your information to anyone. This includes any third parties or government agencies. An exception is made in the case of a criminal investigation where we are served a court order by lawful authorities.

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