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The IQ Tax Appeals Affiliate Program – Non Licensed Program

No financial professional license necessary to join this program

Why should you become IQ Affiliate? 

1                  Give your clients the best possible service using IQ Data

2                 Earn money for your self

3                 Create Residual Income for yourself

4                 Create income opportunity for your employees and associates

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While helping your clients in their financial matters, promote yourself as a Residential Property Tax Specialist – We will train you by providing access to our group training, 1 on 1 training or self-study comprehensive educational materials.  has 3 BIL (Business Income Levels) and every transaction will immediately earn you agreed % commission on every sale.

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 Benefits of the IQ Tax Appeals Affiliate Program:

  • Sliding scale of Prices let you earn higher commission
  • Participating in all available trainings, seminars and webinars
  • Option to have Landing Page and participate in Neighborhood Lead Generating program – Yes will have Leads – a lot of Leads!
  • Agreed % commission on every sale - the best rate in the industry
  • Agreed % of additional commission for referring your co-workers, Associates etc.
  • Revenue Guarantee - if you are not 100% satisfied with the results from the  affiliate program, please contact us immediately to discuss solutions and other options.
  • Agreed % – if your referred Affiliates will refer and sign up their contacts
  • Wide variety of links and banners to choose from.
  • Immediate access to your account upon sign up
  • Comprehensive reporting tools for tracking sales, commissions and traffic
  • Full marketing and technical support from our dedicated affiliate team

Affiliating with  means your clients, associates and employees will have an access and possibility to prepare data and full set of documents to appeal and possibly (83%) lower their property assessed value and by this - reduce their property taxes.

Signing up for the will give you an access to the fantastic tool to provide your clients with the best appealing service that was so far reserved and not accessible to you and your associates. Give yourself a chance to get access to easy, no brainer tool – application only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Start enjoying preparing residential and commercial property tax appeals in the most professional & comprehensive way.

You may also request to meet one of our IQ Managers to visit your office or even and help you to get through the software

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